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Rafting in Umbria on the Corno River

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The rafting on the Corno River

rafting in umbria norcia

Get off on the river aboard a boat is a unique experience .

A series of dates emotions from being directly in the river flowing without ever stopping flanked by riparian vegetation and the fantastic Gorges Bevels.

It ' a journey into nature and the nature , with the privileged view of the boat.

All this shared with your friends or family on the way down.

From 3 years


rafting suitable for families with children


maximum security


The activity is carried out in complete safety. On each raft always an experienced rafting guide


100% funny


You can share the experience with your friends . Descend into 6 on the same boat.


Refreshing activities


Ideal in times of extreme heat, with the possibility of diving in the river and drinking from natural sources


Great success in Germany Video shot in Umbria by Arte TV ( also owned by ZDF , pre-eminent German public TV ) to tell some of his finest cultural and landscape features , including our Rafting Center and our river!

We are proud to have been selected to represent !

The activities of Gaia Rafting Center


The rafting on the river are made at the following times : 10, 1pm and 4pm.

It ' still need to be located at the Center Rafting at least 40 minutes before .

Opening Rafting Center

The Rafting Center is open from April until the first week of November .


rafting near norcia

You can choose between two types of descent:

  • short rafting : the whole activity lasts 1 hour
  • long rafting : the whole activity lasts two hours

The Adventure Park

Adventure park Norcia

You can combine to the long descent rafting adventure park consists of paths in the air above the trees , ropeways, rope bridge and other steps . In this case the whole activity lasts about 3 hours .

Prices of Gaia Rafting Center

Enhances and share your experience!

During our rafting guides relizzeranno photos and videos.

If you want to have stored directly into a USB Flash Drive 16 GB priced at 19 € ( Stick + photos ) , cos ì when you come home relive the experience and share it with your friends on Facebook or wherever you want.

Ask for photos at the end of the rafting!

usb pen rafting esperienza

Rafting: photos and videos


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How to reach our Rafting Center

We are near Norcia

The Gaia Rafting Center is located in Umbria in the province of Perugia , 10 minutes from the town of Norcia and 15 minutes from Cascia , about 1 hour from the Falls Marmore of Terni and a half hour from the village of Visso.

The locations where the Rafting Center is Bevels of Norcia , near the Hotel dei Cacciatori

Distance of Gaia Rafting Center from some cities

  • Roma: 2 ore
  • Viterbo: 1 ora e 30 min
  • Rieti: 1 ora e 20 min
  • Terni: 1 ora
  • Macerata: 1 ora e 20 min
  • Ancona: 2 ore
  • Ascoli Piceno: 1 ora
  • Siena: 2 ore e 15 min
  • Arezzo: 2 ore e 5 min
  • Firenze: 2 ore e 50 min


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